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Smart Ways Airline Free Essays

string(97) " option of receiving flight information via email, text message or phone call is also available\." Welcome to â€Å"Smart Ways Airline†. This is a new airline company that just opened and is very excited about taking people to their flight destinations around the world with the best and smartest service available. This paper will attempt to explain information about development, products, and services for â€Å"Smart Ways Airline†. We will write a custom essay sample on Smart Ways Airline or any similar topic only for you Order Now So, please make sure all seatbelts are fastened and enjoy the flight. â€Å"Smart Ways Airline† provides â€Å"Plane Smart† service to each and every customer who boards the plane. As the matter of fact, â€Å"Plane Smart† is the slogan for the airline company. This slogan was chosen because â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† takes a lot of time to make intelligent decisions about the philosophy, mission, and vision about the company. â€Å"Fly Smart† is another slogan that the company will use to promote its high quality airline service to all of its customers. When a customer chooses to fly with â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† they will be making a very smart decision. Funding for â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† will be collected through concession fees, facility leases at the airport, and landing fees. â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† will also receive funding from tax dollars on aviation fuel. The fuel tax will be added into the cost of the airline passenger ticket. All project and development planning will be funded by the government through a program known as the AIP (Airport Improvement program) and FAA grants. The FAA grants will be used to make improvements and increase airline security and protection. Airline tickets for â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† will average about 10% lower than the national ticket average. â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† will meet or beat any competitor’s rates and prices. Above all, if a customer is not satisfied with his/her flight for any reason, â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† will refund part or all of his/her money (Depending on the reason for dissatisfaction). â€Å"Smart Way Airlines† wants its customers to be happy while flying and wants them to be returning customers who recommend others. An airline’s fleet is one of its most important assets and as such its composition and deployment directly influence the airline’s profitability. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† offers a comprehensive fleet planning and aircraft evaluation service that has guided the strategic decision-making of a variety of operators worldwide. Computer software has been developed in-house to facilitate the analysis of multiple equipment and route combinations using a particular airline’s ground rules. This is indispensable for determining the optimum aircraft mix for a carrier’s current and future network. A comprehensive database is maintained on the technical, operational and economic characteristics of all commercial aircraft and business jets currently in service or under development. The company is therefore well equipped to undertake comparative economic studies of new or used aircraft types to any degree of detail required. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† fleet planning services are supported by rigorous understanding of commercial aircraft technology aided by excellent working relationships with airframe and engine manufacturers. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will fly Boeing 747-8 International planes. These planes will seat 450 passengers divided into three class sections, in two aisles. These planes were chosen because they will provide a quieter flight, produce lower emissions, and achieve an excellent fuel economy. The Boeing 747-8 will have a lower seat-mile cost than other Boeing 747s and has 25% more cargo space, which provide for better luggage and cargo accommodation. The Boeing 747-8 is actually 13% lighter per seat than the A380 and will consume around 15% less fuel per passenger than a 500 seat plane. The wingspan on the Boeing 747-8 International plane is approximately 224 feet (68.5 meters). It is approximately 243 feet (74.2 meters) long and 63 feet (19.4 meters) high. Its thrust is 66,500 pounds and cruise speed is mach .085. The maximum takeoff weight of the Boeing 747-8 International is 960,000 pounds â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will also have Boeing 747-8 Freighter planes. These planes will have the same economic benefit as the Boeing 747-8 International planes. This plane will have more cargo space allowing four additional main deck pallets and three additional lower deck pallets. This Freighter plane actually weights about 95 tons less than the average cargo plane, thus providing for better fuel mileage. The dimensions of the Boeing 747-8 Freighter Plane are the same as the Boeing 747-8 International plane, except it is 250 feet (76.3 meters) in length. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines will begin by leasing these aircrafts. However, â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† plans to purchase 2-4 planes per year. Plans for additional types of aircraft may be created in the future as the company and customer base grows. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will be known for its unique service. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will always stand behind their customers to assure that they receive the best service and the most comfortable, affordable flight available. All planes will offer several amenities such as current movies in all three classes, personalized radios at each seat with a wide variety of music choices offered by Yahoo, pull down laptop computers and cell phone access attached to the backs of each seat, a menu and full bar service in all three classes, magazine and other reading materials, and handheld video games available for flight rental. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will go the extra mile to make sure that each customer has the most unique, comfortable, accommodating, and affordable flight available or the customer’s money will be refunded in part or in full. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will meet or beat any competitor’s rates and prices. Customers are alway s first at â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. Flights will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to over 100 destinations internationally and domestically. Flights are available to any type of customer from the business person, to the vacationing family and the oversized person. There is a seat for everyone, regardless of the reason for travel or any body shape. The seats are comfortable, reclining seats that have small pillows and blankets located underneath each seat. Seats are also accommodating for infant and child car seats. For all customers who buy tickets at least 24 hours in advance, the option of receiving flight information via email, text message or phone call is also available. You read "Smart Ways Airline" in category "Essay examples" There is no need to call and wait to hear if the plane is delayed. If something is delayed or cancelled, a â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† representative will call the passenger and let them know of the situation. At the end of the flight, all passengers are asked to complete customer satisfaction survey. This survey help â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† to provide the things that the customers are looking for. They take the time to listen to each and every customer, rather negative or positive. Customer satisfaction is top priority to â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will have its main offices located within Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. Within Cleveland Hopkins Airport, â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will have three main gates. One gate will be for international flights, another gate will be for domestic flights and the third gate will be for freight planes only. At each gate, customers will have a comfortable waiting area with televisions, telephones, restrooms, internet access portals, and a restaurant or small store where snacks and other things can be purchased. A â€Å"Smart Ways Airline† representative will walk around and talk to the customers in a friendly manner. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† wants the customers to feel at home when they are traveling, so the â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† experience begins at the gate. Scheduling of flights will begin at least a year in advanced. The sooner the customer books the flight, the better discount they will be qualified to receive. Flights will leave Cleveland Hopkins Airport on a daily basis and flights will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will always have a representative at the gate to help prepare the customer for the flight, to answer questions, and provide quality customer service. Flights information and ticket purchase options are also available online. The company will be organized into five major operational areas: All six operational areas will work together as a team to provide quality customer service. The Management team will be lead by the CEO and president of the company. Then, there will be managers and supervisors for each of the remaining five areas. The flight operations crew will consist of the pilots and stewards. This will be any crew member who flies on the plane with the customers. The Maintenance crew will consist of a team of workers who will clean, repair and maintain the planes in flying and operable conditions. The Financial team will handle the operational cost of the company. They will also be responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable, finances, payroll, and other spending accounts. The Marketing department will be in charge of advertising, promoting and selling the services to potential customers. Finally, the customer service team will be the representative who are based at each gate and assist the customers before and after their flight. The customer service team will be responsible for all areas of customer services relating to the flights. FAR regulations will be adhered to on all flights. Any FAR regulation that deals with the safe operation, passenger and flight security, passenger and crew conduct, procedure, and policy will apply to all flights with â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. Marketing at â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will be the key to their success. The marketing department will continuously strive to make sure that customers know of the value, the options, and the type of customer service they can receive if they choose to fly with â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. Television, magazine, newspaper, and mailing advertisements will be offered. A website will also be available and flight information will be available through airline advertising websites such as and When a customer purchases a ticket, they will be automatically enrolled in the frequent flyer program. This program will be a promotion to encourage returning travelers. The points that are accumulated on the frequent flyer program can be applied to future discounted prices, hotel and restaurant discounts, and theme park or movie discounts. For the traveler who is not a frequent traveler, the points can be used onboard the flight to purchase amenities such as food, beverage, book or game rentals, internet service or cell phone usage charges. Another marketing strategy that will be utilized by â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† is the Neighborhood and Four Walls Approach to Marketing. This technique requires little or no company money to fund. At â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† the customer service is so good, that they word of mouth actually sales the product by itself. When one customer is satisfied with their flight, they will tell their friends and family members about the flight, who will in turn, come and fly with â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. The quality customer service and uniqueness of the flights will sell itself through the excellent word of mouth that will be spread around by so many satisfied customers. As with beginning any company, there will be some barriers. Four main barriers that â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† may encounter are 1.) Lack of qualified employees, 2.) Weather conditions in Cleveland, 3.) Not enough planes to accommodate large crowds of people and 4.) Lack of funding. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will only hire the most qualified employees. Each potential employee will go through a strict interview and screening process. During this process, the applicant will be required to take a series of test. Applicants with a strong working history with another airline will be given priority. Once hired, the applicant will then have to pass a series of classes as part of their training. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will know and understand how valuable each and every employee is to the success of the company and will only hire the best, and most qualified people to do the job. Weather conditions in Cleveland vary. It is possible to see many different changes in temperatures and conditions within one day. During the winter months, flights may be delayed or cancelled due to conditions. In this case, â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will handle the weather conditions accordingly and strive to provide quality services. With the best customer service and the most affordable guaranteed airfare available, many people will want to fly with â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines†. Each plane only holds 450 people, so tickets will sale fast. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† will strive to accommodate all passengers. Additional flights and planes will be added as needed. Finally, lack of funding can be an issue for any airline. â€Å"Smart Ways Airlines† has smart ways to hand funding barriers. One way is by lowering ticket prices and encouraging more people to fly. More people flying at lower rates can actually increase sales than less people flying at higher rates. â€Å"The plane is now landing. Smart Ways Airlines hopes that everyone has enjoyed the flight that they have learned a little about how Smart Ways Airlines offers the best, most comfortable, most affordable, and the most unique flying experience available today. Thank you for flying the smart way with Smart Ways Airlines.† How to cite Smart Ways Airline, Essay examples

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