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Rhetorical Analysis Example to Be Inspired

Rhetorical Analysis Example to Be Inspired There a different ways of how to organize a rhetorical analysis essay. In fact, writers should be aware of the fact that formulas that offer a perfect essay format usually is outdated and used by everyone. Remember, organization of your particular writing should be completed according to the specific requirements (which are given by your teachers or supervisors) so that well-organized paper is the key to success of task. To start from the beginning, we need to define the term. In other words, we need to clarify what rhetorical analysis is. A rhetorical analysis requires you to apply your critical reading skills in order to review the parts of the text. In essence, you divide the text into “parts” from the “whole” of the piece you are asked to analyze. The goal of a rhetorical analysis is to articulate how the author writes, rather than what they actually wrote. But how to write a rhetorical analysis? While analyzing the writing, you will come across with different strategies the author uses to achieve his or her goal or purpose of writing their work. Keep in mind that writers of different disciplines often use varying writing strategies in order to achieve their goals. So you should adjust “your critique” accordingly and take into consideration that presentation of your analysis should have the same style as the author’s initial one. For example, if you are asked to perform a review the scientific work, your rhetorical analysis should be very formal and have appropriate style of presenting the results. Thus, make sure you are familiar with MLA and APA styles. On the other hand, if your task is to make a rhetorical analysis on the work done by humanities writer, then you need to use different approach by making it less formal but still informative and objective. That said, here are some general tips for making your rhetorical analysis as a spot on. Tips for making good rhetorical analysis. First of all you need to read the whole work you are about to analyze. It is an obvious thing, but some people think reading briefly or, even worse, reading some parts of the writing is enough. And they are wrong. If you follow their example, you will not be ale to see the bigger picture. You might miss the style of the author, techniques he used in the chapters of paragraphs, his sense of humor and sarcastic notes in writing. All in all, critical reading is the first step in a rhetorical analysis which will make it full and objective. Secondly, to make real rhetorical analysis you need to ask yourself the following questions: What is the overall argument the author presents? What is the writer’s purpose: to inform or to persuade the reader? What kind of writing techniques the author used: his word choice, the way he arranged the writing, how informative, accurate and convincing the writing was. How grammatically correct the author was? Did he use punctuation to create an effect? For the third, you need to note your observations. The good practice here is to write an outline for it and then proceed with creating your own rhetorical thesis, thinking of rhetorical strategies (which are appropriate for the work) to use, then to structure your analysis in a proper way and make the strong summarization and conclusion for it. And the last, forth point is to shape your rhetorical analysis, edit and proofread it. As with all academic writing, check for grammar, transitional ease, fluidity, and a logical argument. Edit for clarify if needed and proofread for mechanical errors. Rhetorical strategies Another important step in making your rhetorical analysis successful and objective is to define the rhetorical strategies, what they mean, and how to analyze them critically. Thus, we selected few quotes of rhetorical analysis essay example and put in under each strategy description. Please fine the below. EXEMPLIFICATION You need to provide the examples or cases in point. For example, let’s use the citation: “Almost 70 percent of Search Engine market has been acquired by Google.” If your strategy is exemplification, then you need to make sure that statistic presented here is correct and in up-to-date state, you need to check the source of information used to get this data and check its reliability. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST It is called for revealing and discussing similarities and differences. For example, let’s use the citation: ”Similary to the topics such as nationality versus race, culture versus society, nowadays, gender, ethnicity, and race questions often overlap so it is very hard to distinct between those terms.” In your rhetorical analysis you need to make sure the author evaluate those terms and states its similarities and differences. STYLE, TONE, AND VOICE The attitude a writer takes towards a subject or character: serious, humorous, sarcastic, ironic, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, solemn, objective. For example: the style and language Michael Pollan used in his writing “Escape from the Western diet” is quite shocking: someone could call it cynical and treacherous. CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS Here you need to analyze why something happens and describe the consequences of a string of events. For example: it is a common situation when students are faced with difficulties while writing their college essays. It is hard to write a successful college essay for a lot of different reasons: students may face difficulties with expressing their thoughts, might not know how to hook the readers and make them stay till the very last word. But students need to sharpen their writing skills as it will benefit them in the future.” REPETITION The main idea here is to check the constant use of certain words. For example: “However, different sources say that Inalienable and Unalienable words mean the same thing. Inalienable has gained a stronger foothold in modern times and now is used as the preferred form. Unalienable mainly appears in quotes of or references to the Declaration.” Hopefully you now have a better idea of what a rhetorical analysis assignment is looking for and are armed with the tools necessary to complete this type of assignment. Good luck with your analisys!

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