Monday, February 17, 2020

Entrepreneurship Virtual Simulation Experience Essay

Entrepreneurship Virtual Simulation Experience - Essay Example In addition, the plan includes the organizational and management structure, the sources of backup funds for the business in the case of bankruptcy, the business executive summary which shows the company’s missions and goals. The objectives of the enterprise include making profits while maintaining consumer ethics (Timm, Christensen & Blenker, 2014). The company description which provides what differentiates the business from others. Furthermore, the planning process includes marketing and sales strategies. It describes how the business plans to market itself plus its sales strategies. The core expectations include: Creating a Culture of Service to Colleagues and students, setting the standard for Trust, Honesty, and transparency. Developing staff and Nurturing Teamwork, Executing Strategies to Acquire Results, Decision Making and Accountability, Cultivating Scholarly and Cultural Assortment, Monetary Responsibility, Process Enhancement and Sustainability. Other expectations include Personal expectations are those expectations that the owner of the business expects from the enterprise. First and foremost, the business expects to make a profit from what it will sell to clients. Moreover, the trade plans to meet its current financial obligation in time (Timm, Christensen & Blenker, 2014). That is the business expects to be able to repay its loans and debts on time. The expectation that the company will grow over the following years is also significant. Besides the above expectations, the business anticipates that the foodstuffs and amenities that it will offer will gain popularity and obtain a wider market despite competition. Also, the owner of the company forestalls that everybody in the organization will be able to perform in a manner that will help the business grow and achieve its missions and objectives. Lastly, the business prospects that each employee will be fair-minded in providing quality work for a fair day’s wage. Customers

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