Monday, February 3, 2020

Religion and politics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Religion and politics - Research Paper Example The objective of this report is to study the debate on tolerance of Islamic spread in America particularly in light of the Ground Zero issue. The debate though centered on a clear agenda of protesting the building of â€Å"mosque† near the ill-fated land, appears to be a sign of deeply rooted Islamophobia amongst Western cultures. In regards to the subject, the report describes the issue vis-à  -vis the multiple perspectives of the American people and the principles of America’s Sacred Ground. It further throws light on the reality vs. what is projected in the mainstream media. Religion and Politics have always crossed their respective lines, however, the interjections in a post-modern world are both intriguing and confusing. The sacred foundations of the American system have been a cause of debate between the conservative rights and the liberals left. Debates have often taken place on the meaning, interpretation and reach of the â€Å"Religious Clauses† of the First Amendment to the Constitution. In the â€Å"Religious Clauses† of the First Amendment have been interpreted by the Supreme Court as (1) the separation of church and state (the â€Å"anti-establishment clause† or â€Å"establishment clause†) and (2) freedom of religion (â€Å"the free exercise clause†).... The American founders found their answers primarily in the work of John Locke. According to Locke, a central Enlightenment Era (c1650-1800) philosopher, the liberty and equal dignity of the people is based on the law of the state of nature (a state prior to the formation of societies). The law of the state of nature considers freedom and equality to be legitimate claims to the state. Central to Locke’s political theology was the need to secure people’s civil rights towards tolerance of their religious beliefs, which he thought was the means to create a peaceful society. It was this convergence of theology and secular philosophy in the thinking of the founding generation that made them base the constitution on the principles of â€Å"life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness†. In order to discourage the abuse of â€Å"freedom† (that was the foundation of â€Å"from the people, for the people† government) by the American people, the public forum has a framework and principles (Jones). The framework consists of two-tiers, each of which has basic moral perceptions. The first tier deals with matters appropriate for government action such as enforcement of basic law and order while the second tier deals with persuasion and voluntary actions that are intended to be in public eye. The moral principles of first tier are â€Å"no harm law† (that no one may harm another in his or her life, liberty or property) and â€Å"no hypocrisy law† (that do not do unto others what you would not want done unto you). The moral principles with respect to second tier are â€Å"duties† to raise conscience beyond an individual’s wants and to participate in the whole process. The Ground Zero Mosque Conundrum The problem began when in May 22nd 2010, a local community board in

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